Viruses, Ransomeware & Malware  - prevention & recovery

If you think you have a virus, ransomware or malware, then do the following immediately...



1) If you even suspect the virus has had access to any of your banking or financial details you should contact your bank IMMEDIATELY!

2) You should TURN OFF the compromised computers, modems, routers and devices IMMEDIATELY.


3) Do NOT pay any ransom or get in contact with the perpetrators in any way.


4) Talk to your TRUSTED TECHNICIAN before turning them back on or proceeding in anyway.

There are many, many ways viruses and malware can enter and attack your computer.

Just because you have an Apple (Mac) don't think you are magically immune either.

I've written lots of articles on viruses and malware. If you aren't in the middle of a crisis then you should have a look at them here.

If you need help with setting up virus protection, managing existing protection or recovering from an infection then please contact me.