Maybe you don't have a problem right now but you do want to learn about computers and information technology.

From computer basics through to specific and complex tasks, I can help you achieve what you want to.

I provide one-on-one and group training sessions on the topic/s of your choosing.

Courses can be created if required.

Please contact me to discuss your needs.

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Tutoring helps you find better ways to do the things...

“I can highly recommend David as a tutor for IT skills. David has been providing tutorials to me as I return to studies at UTAS. I will describe specific aspects about his teaching style but I think his business name says it all. David understands that computers are just tools that should make our lives enriched and easier. So often they can be challenging and daunting. Many computer technicians and programmers don’t understand this.

During his tutorials David genuinely cares and aims to empower you. You don’t feel stupid or mystified. He is happy to arrange times and a location that works for you. He will explore topics as they relate to your needs. This makes the learning so much more relevant and effective."

Michelle Bachelor - Huon Physiotherapy.

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