Before I started I hate My PC I was a software testing consultant.

In my early career I'd been spotted as having what-it-takes to be a good software tester.

I was hired as a software tester and quickly progressed to the highest levels of consulting.


I consulted to all levels and scales of business. From the smallest pieces of software to enormous Government & defence projects.


I don't like bragging.

It may not seem like it on some pages of this web site, but I do have to sell myself to make a living right? Regardless I find it difficult to spruik my skills.

However, Software Testing, for me, seemed to be the thing I was made to do.

I am very good at it. I got it. It makes sense.

At a software testing conference many years ago I was the only person who solved a set of riddles proposed by James Bach. His name won't mean anything to most people, but he's a very big wheel in the software testing world.


Let that sink in. A room...a building...a conference centre full of testing professionals and only I answered the questions correctly. I'm still proud of that.

I've worked on all sorts and scales of projects.

I started as a software tester and progressed to consulting with with a then innovative company. I then branched out to consulting through my own company.

All the while getting my hands dirty. My consulting wasn't just about pointing out problems and telling people how to fix things. More often than not I'd become the test manager and make these things happen (when not thwarted by poor management).

I've presented at conferences, been commissioned to write articles for national magazines (remember those?) and was once described as "the best test manager I've ever worked with". I know, I find it hard to believe too.

If you have an IT project, a software development, a systems aquisition, a software purchase or indeed anything else you feel could benefit from an independent and unbiased review then get in touch with me to discuss your needs.

If you are interested in my software testing philosophy and/or writings drop me a line and I can send you some articles.

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