If you are after second hand Laptop, Desktop or All-In-One I often have various machines in stock.

Email or call me for details of what is currently available.

Second hand computers and technology

I am not going to sugar coat it, you simply should NOT buy second hand computers from anyone (even me).

Here's my blog post as to why:

But if you are absolutely insistent, then from time to time I do have refurbished computers hanging around that are sometimes destined for charities and sometimes not.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to accept that any second hand computer you get from me...

  • has no warranty of any kind because I cannot vouch for how they been used prior to me getting my hands on them. I make sure they run, are clean and better than when I got them...but there are still no guarantees for either of us.

  • has already cost me more to build than you are paying for it by a factor of at least 2 or 3 i.e. don't even think about haggling on the price. My objective has been to be environmentally friendly and charitable.

  • does not come with follow up technical support or advice. That costs extra and is charged at my usual rates for computer help.

Contact me to find out what I have available now.

You can also check my Gumtree profile for a subset of what I have for sale at any point in time.

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