Existing customers can now gain credit towards future work by referring us to their friends, family, colleagues and businesses.

Conditions apply.

Our new Referral Rewards scheme is here!

Here's how it works:

Any existing customer, who is in our Xero accounting system, will receive a Credit Note against their account when a person or business they refer to us becomes a new customer.

This credit will be automatically applied to any future invoices that you may receive from I Hate My PC.

Just email, text or phone me with your referral's details and let me know if they want me to call them or even if it is OK to call.

That is it. I'll handle the rest. You may want to know these few things below though...

Things to note:

  1. You or the customer must notify me BEFORE work commences that they are indeed a referral.

  2. The credit will be to the value of 10% of the labour/hours billed to the new customer.

  3. Hardware items on invoice/s are excluded as I make no margin on hardware.

  4. The credit note will be applied only after the new customer has paid their invoice.

  5. A customer is deemed "new" for a week from the first invoice. So if more work is invoiced 2 days later, you get extra credit.

  6. A customer is deemed "new" if you are the first to refer them to me and I have not done any work for them, communicated with them, or found them through my own initiative prior to your referral.

  7. A customer is no longer deemed "new" for invoices issued more than a week after their first invoice OR it is found that they WEREN'T new e.g. duplicate entry in Xero or other form of redundant identity or abuse found.

  8. The maximum referral credit note amount per new customer is $200.

  9. At this stage Credit Notes don't expire. They just sit against your I Hate My PC account waiting for the next time we invoice you. {NOTE: This may change on upon legal or taxation advice. In which case Credit Notes will expire after 2 years.

  10. The Credit Note is NOT redeemable for cash or goods.

  11. A referral expires if the person is un-contactable or does not do any paid work with 3 months of the initial notification. Most people can't remember who referred them that far on anyway. I can't allocate a Credit Note on hazy memories or speculation :-)

  12. This scheme is administered manually by me, David Moore, and I reserve the right to shut it down or modify it in any way I see fit at any time.

  13. Any perceived or actual abuse of the scheme or me will render the abusers and related parties excluded from it and refused any future help.

Thanks for your custom and referrals.

David Moore - PC Wrangler @ I Hate My PC


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