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Over the years I've written lots of articles for magazines, newsletters, corporations and web sites.

New articles are now appearing on my BLOG, attached to this web site...

If you subscribe to my BLOG you'll be notified when a new article goes up. These include security warnings, tips and tricks, fun posts and anything else that takes my fancy.

To receive any of my information sheets send the amount shown below via the  Paypal Buy Now button. You can pay with credits cards etc. and don't have to have a Paypal account.

Include the name of the article/s you are after from the list below:

  • The latest PC buying guide $5 Aus'

  • Deciding whether to fix replace or put up with an old PC $3 Aus'

  • How long do computers last $2 Aus'

  • Migrating smoothly to a new computer $5 Aus'

  • How good are my backups $5 Aus'

  • Why should I backup $5 Aus'


I've also created a few video tutorials and put them on YouTube.

There's some old footage of my band days and other amusing/weird things there too, so enjoy!​

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