The waste created by technology is enormous.

Sadly there doesn't seem to be any good fix in place.

However, I do my best to re-use and repurpose machines where possible and break them down for better recycling if they can't be fixed.

Recycling your old computers

Knowing how to recycle your dead technology can be frustrating.

It is even tricky for me.

But if you want to donate your computer to a charity or to my re-use plan then here's what I do...

  • Good laptops will be securely erased, cleaned and upgraded where possible. These will be offered to various charities and/or stored until a I receive a request for a charitable use. Sometimes this is local, sometimes they go overseas.

  • Good but broken or malfunctioning machines will be broken down. Their useful components used to create "Franken" computers. They'll be sold or given to charitable as applicable. Failed components will be recycled or discarded as applicable.

  • If your old computer is "too old" to be any good to anyone, even though it may be working, then I will take the time to break it down into its recyclable components and get it to the tip / re-use centre.

If you want me to do any of the above for you, and have the bits and pieces returned to you in some form, then there is a charge for that i.e. a basic charge for my time.

If you let me keep the useflul bits and pieces then there is no charge.

If you specifically want your donated equipment to go to a charity then it will go to a charity. If you don't specify or don't care then there's a chance it, or its parts, could be sold (though I don't recommended or profess to sell 2nd hand computers, sometimes people insist on it).

My primary focus is to keep these machines out of landfill and redirect them to people who appreciate, need and want them. IT IS NOT A MONEY MAKING EXERCISE.

Even if, against my advice, someone buys a second hand machine from me then you can rest assured that this too does NOT make me any money. The time involved is ALWAYS greater than what can be charged for these things. 

Please contact me first to discuss your recycling need and arrange drop-off.

These blog posts outline just some of the charitable destinations for my recycled machines:

Here are my blog posts about refurbished and recycled computers:

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