For some people speaking in public is worse than death.

Not for me, I love it.

I've spent a lot of my professional and recreational time talking, presenting and entertaining groups of people.

The biggest audience I've had is 4000 people (if you don't count TV appearances).


I can't explain it but I've always had a need to be talking to people, performing and on stage for some reason...any reason.

It never bothered me. It never scared me.

In primary school I'd stage puppet shows for my class.

After high school I joined a band and was the front man. We performed live and made video clips.

In my various jobs I created and delivered numerous courses, workshops and courses.

In the 90s I joined another band and we too made video clips, performed live and appeared on live television (Recovery) etc.

In the early 2000s my wife and I released a book and we spent years, literally years, being interviewed for many newspapers, magazines, radio shows and television.

The book resulted in public speaking engagements on the subject.

When I started working for myself I participated in, presented at and organised many business events. These required required hosting, MCing and other degrees of presenting.

In the Huon Valley I am often asked to MC or host events. Not only for the KCEC, of which I am currently a board member, but for charities, events and organisations aswell.

In recent years I've turned my experience to stand-up comedy and acting.

As a newcomer to acting I've not had many lines but that is OK. My memory isn't what it used to be :-). I have been in a few ads, a German docu-drama, short films and some print campaigns.

I run a comedy room in the Huon valley, FunnieS at Frank's, and I regularly host the biggest names in Australian comedy on our humble Franklin stage.

Once the pandemic subsides and we can work closely together again I will be creating a public speaking workshop for beginners and the timid.

The emphasis will be on being yourself and being confident.

I won't try to mould you into something that you're not and make you learn things that you'll never use.

In the meantime we can work together one-on-one to increase your speaking skills.

Get in touch with me and we'll start you on the path to enjoying speaking publicly :-)