There's more to printers than you may think.

Various types, uses and technologies mean that getting the right machine for your needs is not necessarily easy.

I can help you acquire the right new printer and set it up.

You should be aware that the pandemic has affected the availability of new printers and supplies.


For as long as I can remember the repair of home and small business printers has been thwarted by the extremely high cost, and low availability, of spare parts.

The price and quality of these machines is dictated by the manufacturers strategy to sell you coloured water (inks) at exhorbitant prices i.e. they don't make money out of the hardware, but they make ridiculous profits from inks and toners.

The COVID 19 pandemic has not improved the situation.

Chances are that if you have a printer that is out of warranty, with a failure requiring repair, it is most likely best fixed by "getting a new one".

This is obviously wasteful and terrible but it is the way it is and it is often the cheapest option for you.

My blog articles expand on the various trials and tribulations of printer ownership:


Printers don't like being moved. just think spilled ink etc.

So if your printer is giving you a hard time give me a call and we can have a chat. If it seems like something other than replacement can help, we can arrange a visit to look at it.

If you need a new printer, inks, toners or office supplies I recommend you talk to my friend Kirk at tassie Toners.

Kirk has a store in Geeveston and will deliver to most places in Southern Tasmania.

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