Wuppertal Schwebebahn - a train nerds dream

One of the weird and fun things for me on my interrupted German holiday was to visit Wuppertal.

Ever since seeing Michael Portillo riding the Schewebebahn in episode 3 of Great Continental Railway Journeys I have wanted to see it for myself.

Being a train lover I couldn't believe that I'd never heard of this thing before.

Then, late last year, we found to our surprise, that a good friend of ours now lives in Wuppertal.

It was a no brainer, we were visit them both on this holiday. Brilliant!

Unfortunately the historic and beautiful Kaiserwagen wasn't running. So we couldn't have a lovely and weird lunch on it.

Not to worry. I was just overjoyed to be there and ride on it at all.

It is a glorious and wonderous thing that the locals totally take for granted.

I can see why. Once inside you are inside pretty much any modern German transport system. It is fast, efficient, clean, beautiful and...German! :-)

So, less talkie, more movies and piccies David...

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