Windows 10 Updates

With Windows 10, as far as most of us consumers are concerned, automatic updates happen...sooner or later...whether we like it or not.

Sure you can turn make your connections as "Metered", meaning they have low bandwidth limits and/or cost penalties for using too much data, and forestall certain updates deemed as "nice to have" as opposed to Important or Critical.

But, in the end...actually sooner than that, you'll get windows updates for windows 10.

There was a lot of moaning about this when it first happened.

People used to be able to choose all sorts of ways to dodge, avoid, prevent and accept system updates from Microsoft for their windows machines....

I want some but not all updates

I want to know about the updates but maybe I won't download them.

Maybe I'll download them but not install them.

Maybe I don't want anything at all by way of updates.

...then I reserve the right to whinge about whatever goes wrong with my computer, and blame Microsoft, regardless of which option I chose and how often I decided to revise my decision.

Soooo, my theory is that with Windows 10 Microsoft just shrugged their corporate shoulders and said "meh, we cop it in the neck no matter what we do. How about we just reduce our workload and just deal with one type of whinge".

And you know what, I kinda agree with them.

There have been times, and there will be times, that the size and nature of a windows update will inconvenience someone or cost them money or time or whatever.

But there are far more times when NOT updating causes far more people far more problems.

The average computer user, and sometimes people like me (well, actually me), can't be bothered even attempting to be across all the things that need updating and whether or not they impact on how they affect their computer use.

Just backup your data properly and let the updates happen.

On average you'll be better off.


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