When USB isn't USB...

I have posted on "plugs, cables and sockets that fit but really shouldn't and don't work" before.

Just shoving a plug into a socket roughly the same shape is a recipe for disaster at worst, and nothing at best.

USB is one of the main offenders but by no means the only problem child...

...and this isn't the whole of it. There are layers of complexity within layers of plugs and sockets.

This article from "How To Geek" expresses some of that ongoing frustration.


When you add this to other worlds, like Mac vs PC, and other types of connectors, like video/display, Ethernet, power, audio, SD and so on, it can be really easy to make an assumption and break one of these fragile monkeys very quickly.

More than once I've had to remove a USB standard A cable from an Ethernet socket to make a printer work. So...

  • Be careful.

  • Look.

  • Check.

  • Be gentle...

  • ...and don't force them in.

  • If it seems tricky or "not right". Stop and re-assess.

And remember it always takes everyone 3 attempts to get any USB standard A cable into any USB socket ;-)


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