When isn't there a new <insert Apple device> coming?

If 2020 isn't enough evidence that humanity is collectively getting dumber, then maybe you should subscribe to the IT newsletters I get for confirmation.

I've become numb to it, but every other day there's an article speculating on the "next Apple"...whatever.

It is incredibly tedious.

Other brands try it on.

Samsung has a pretty good stab at it and lots of other brands seem to be jumping on the foldable device bandwagon (like that's a good idea).

The headline in the image / email above broke me though...

"Is there a new Apple MacBook in the works"?

It may just be the dumbest headline I have every read in an industry publication.

I am not even going to answer that because it would be insulting.

I am amazed how Apple can repeatedly release almost exactly the same thing and get so much press for it.

I was especially amazed that the iPhone 12 has gone back to... what for all intents and purposes looks like... a previous design and people were excited.

To me it seems to be a reminder that, for things to change and get better, we need to stop getting excited about the same old crap.

We also need to stop getting excited about stupid things...bad ideas...folding screens for example.

OMG people! Stop getting excited for folding screens! Argh!!! :-)

They are terrible, useless and fundamentally flawed. David

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