Well that was...interesting...😨

I have just returned home from an overseas trip that was supposed to:

- put me outside my comfort zone

- be a holiday

- be an immersed learning experience

- be fun

- and a whole bunch of fun stuff

As you can imagine it turned out to be quite the scary adventure.

Mostly because we didn't know if we'd get home before we'd run out of money. Seriously.

So now I am in isolation and as you can imagine a lot of every day things have gone away, become impossible or difficult.

Business is, well, I don't know. who does?

The whole world is a mess so I am not going to complain or ask for sympathy. We are the lucky ones by a long way.

But over coming blog posts I will outline ways that my business, I Hate My PC, will endeavour to keep helping customers.

I will also intersperse this with things I've learnt from this trip and some other fun stuff.

It wasn't all bad. In fact the first 2 weeks were wonderful and what I'd hoped for.

Here are a few pictures of the good times this holiday.

Thanks and stay safe.


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