Well that's annoying - no local account during set up...

You heard the man Tubbs,...

I've been bumping into this problem for a while and it is very annoying.

It costs me and my customers more time and money for something we ultimately just have to undo.

That is, being forced to set up an Online Account during the initial install and configuration of windows on a new PC.

Online accounts have some advantage but often they just aren't needed or, more particularly, not WANTED by some people.

The reasons can vary from paranoia to too complex to simply not interested and therefore not needed.

But in two articles from "How to geek" my experiences and nightmares have been confirmed...

"The option to sign in with a classic local Windows account was always rather hidden behind an “Offline Account” option. Now, we’ve confirmed that it’s vanished entirely from Windows 10’s setup process."


"On Windows 10 Professional, there’s reportedly a “Domain Join Instead” option that will create a local user account. But that’s only on Windows 10 Professional. Windows 10 Home doesn’t have this option at all." [Version 1903 onward]

So, per my experience, we are forced to create the account and then delete it (create a local account) later. VERY ANNOYING!

To avoid this during the set up procedure the machine should NOT be connected to the internet when prompted, or at least disconnected at the "Create Account" step.

Details are outlined here:


This forces an error, <sarcasm>genius</sarcasm>, which then...dependent on your windows level (Home/Pro) may allow you to create a local account <sarcasm>genius</sarcasm>.

Now, you'd think Microsoft would know better or at least have some sort of memory of recent events of this kind.

In the last few versions of Windows Microsoft removed our control over when and how updates would occur.

It took a couple of years of outcries and moaning but they've now caved in and put it back the way we wanted (read, it used to be...kind of).

So I am forced to wonder when they'll cave in on this one and just give us back the local account creation option?

It really should have been made easier to find instead of completely removed, but, there you go. The stupidity of computer nerds who think they know best.

Oh well, try to have fun anyway ;-)


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