SPAM, you're sending it now...

Most people are worried about all the SPAM they receive, but every now and then I get asked about sending SPAM.

It's not what you think.

Usually it has to do with your perfectly valid emails being lost in the SPAM folders of your legitimate recipients.

There's a lot that can go wrong between you and an email destination.

You need to know that sometimes it isn't your fault and almost as often there's not much you can do about it.

If someone between you and the destination has decided you are SPAMMING, then that's where your emails will go.

The trick is finding out who and the trickier bit is fixing it.

Sometimes you just have to let go...move on. If it is a bad decision by an automated overseas system then you've got little hope of fixing it.

However, you should check what you are sending to see if it doesn't appear "spammy" (see the links below for what I mean).

You may need to telephone the recipient and have them, or their IT admin, re-categorise or clear the SPAM listing/identiifcation. That's sometimes tricky too.

If it is a critical or business communication then you should find an altenate way of delivering the communication or checking that it has in fact arrived.

The amount of money and effort you may go to on your recipient's behalf trying to fix one or two lost emails could well be disproportionate to how big the problem really is.

Then, some other monkey somewhere presses a wrong button and you are SPAM again.

Check it but don't sweat it.

SPAM will never go away. The only difference is that now you're part of the problem (just joking).


Here are some links to reasons why you emails go to someone's SPAM folder:

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