Sometimes even doing the right thing can bite...

In the following article, mostly for the geeks and the technical I am afraid, a company using a a help desk support online ticketing system had their database erased by an accidental set of characters coming in through an email.

In an earlier post I talk about reserved words and why some things can be done because of historical and legacy elements of our computer's operating systems.

They'd legitimately and fairly signed up for an alert service to be notiifed when someone's email had been compromised on a third party web site.

But when such an alert came through, the email contain a sequence of characters that had a special meaning to the underlaying system.

The "special meaning" was "erase stuff".

The meaning had been identified as a bug previosuly but the system had remain unpatched for some reason i.e. the bug had not been fixed on this particular system.


Anyway, happy's the whole story:



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