Scaring scammers = great fun!

Recently a video by Jim Browning showed up on my YouTube feed.

It was about putting the wind up scammers by finding out their details and calling them by name, among other things.

It is a 20 minute view, but well worth the time.

Jim's skills at turning the tables on scammers outweighs my own.

My objectives are to protect people BEFORE they get scammed and then, get them back to "NORMAL" as quickly as possible (at the same time stemming the potential outflow of money from their bank accounts).

And my objective with showing you this video is to inform you of what to look out for so you can avoid it...

...and provide some enjoyment when the bad guys cop a dose of their own medicine :-)

Jim uses a variety of techniques to lull the scammers into a false sense of security and while the bad guys are playing, Jim is opening the hood of their machines and taking a look around for himself.

He uses the real details he finds to alert the authorities in an attempt to have them shut down.

He also uses these real details to scare the crap out of the an attempt to make them realise that perhaps they shouldn't do this any more.

Jim has other videos well worth viewing on his YouTube Channel:

A word of warning here, DON'T try this at home!

I wouldn't do what Jim does.

Aside from not knowing what tools he uses, I don't know what precautions he takes either (aside from using virtual machines as honey pots) and I certainly wouldn't keep my cool the way he does.

Often these scams are operated by chumps trying it on.

As you will see from Jim's video above, the guys in this video are pretty hopeless.

But it isn't always that way and sometimes these things are run by proper scary people.

As usual, stay informed, be careful and read my other blog posts for tips on staying safe:



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