Refurbished laptops find wonderful new homes

I bang on about it a bit.

I am one small link in an amazing chain of people much better than I.

These people help build and fit out schools in Vietnam.

I merely snaffle dead laptops here and, where possible, make them work again.

Sometimes these laptops are Franken-laptops - their sum of parts is more than one dead laptop but they come back to life!

Kind customers donate them to me, better people sometimes spend money on them and take them to Vietnam.

It is a palava. There's red tape to be battled with and physically getting them there also takes some effort.

Anyway, Frank Bonham, a customer of mine and one of these Angels, sent me the photos here of the latest batch of laptops with their new owners.

A wonderful sight I am sure you'd agree :-)

Disclaimer: Not all of these laptops came from me this time. I can't recall which ones or how many, at least 2. It has been a long time in the making (again) :-)


P.S. I just noticed my name on the posters. I think I may cry, don't look at me!!!! :-)

Second batch delivered the next day...

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