PCs, Monitors etc. FOR SALE

On my web site you'll find various second hand bits and pieces for sale. ​

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, you may recall my post entitled "Buying second hand computers - just don't".

I stand by that post and still make the same recommendations therein.

However, in recent times my attempts to give away machines to charities and charitable/worthy recipients have failed.

Not only have these attempts failed but they have actively caused me pain and distress.

In late April I tried to give away more than 8 computers, monitors and laptops.

I thought it would be easy. I wanted it to be easy. It wasn't.

Instead it was a shit fight that wasted most of a Sunday and chunks of the following weeks.

It is hard to fathom arguing over what was an act of generosity, but that's what happened in a couple of instances.

On top of that, of the numerous people I spoke to only 2 people followed through and actually collected their free machine.

So I won't be doing things that way again.

Instead, what I am doing is what you see here, selling this equipment and giving a proportion of the funds raised to charity.

Some of it is my personal gear, some of it is ex-customer hardware that has been given to me for one reason or another. ​ A proportion of donated hardware sales will go to charity.

Prices are indicated on each picture. There are usually multiple images of each item for sale and the specifications are found in those images. ​ The prices are already much cheaper than the work that has gone into keeping these items out of landfill. So please don't insult me or the charities by haggling. ​ All items are for collection only. They are located in Franklin, Tasmania, Australia. ​ Contact me if you have any queries about an item or wish to purchase something. ​ If you represent a charity and would like some of the items for sale please contact me. ​ All sales are final. All items are working at the time of posting as shown in the images. No warranty applies to any of these items as they are simply too old.

Thanks, David

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