One World, not just an environmental issue

I've posted in the past about the issue of too much technology and an individual's ability to cope with it.

This can occur at any time, but as we age our desire, skills and ability to cope with an ever increasing and varying array of gadgets diminishes.

I can't imagine not being across technology in a way similar to how I am now, but I regularly bump into previous IT experts who've retired and have not kept up.

I kinda envy them :-)

I've also posted in the past about the risks of living wholly within a particular eco-system e.g. if everything you do and buy is through Apple (say), and Apple has an issue, then everything you have with them is on hold until the issue is Apple.

BUT, what many people fail to consider, because no-one ever suggested it to them, is that some level of rationalisation is probably a good idea.

For example, I often encounter people who have an iPhone and some form of Android (read Google/Samsung/whatever) tablet.

Now these things are basically different flavours of the same device but just differing in size.

Sure, one can't make phone calls in the traditional (mobile) sense, but that's about it.

If a person isn't interested and/or struggling to use a phone or tablet, then it doesn't make sense to have to do nearly-the-same-thing two different ways.

It makes sense that your tablet and the phone should come from the same world e.g. Apple, Android...whatever.

That way your screen touching, functions, settings, app's etc. are done without the need to change your mode of thought or indeed remember which mode you are in.

It is kind of like driving two cars but one is Japanese and one is European, you'll be forever wiping the windscreen when you mean to indicate and vice-versa.

This can be extended a little further. If your partner is in one world and you're in another, then your ability to help each other is reduced.

You may even want to live in the same world as your friends and family too if you intend to call on them for help.

Maybe you are technically capable and not much of the above applies?

But, maybe, like me, by the end of the day you're just tired and unwilling to do battle with gadgets.

Then keeping things simple when you are running on wine might be a good idea ;-)

Have fun.


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