Moving thousands of emails easily

I've written a lot about email and the pain around managing thousands of emails, the pain of email clients failing and corrupting their databases and the pain of moving from one email client (program) to another...nothing ever just plays nice.

I was backing up my Gmail with a nice tool but recent changes to both Gmail and the tool broke it.

So I had to find a new one.

Enter Mailstore Home.

MailStore Home can grab your emails from pretty much any email server and store them locally for you.

It stores them in its own format but it also allows you to export them to a variety formats OR upload them to a new email server.

It does incremental backups/archives as well so if you, like me, are storing 55,000+ emails you are n't going to be downloading all of them every time you want to backup.

It is free for home use.

I wish I'd found it earlier.


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