Knowledge gaps mined by malicious acts

As we all rush to use new platforms to work, meet and share things the gaps in our knowledge present new opportunities for those with malicious intent.

Some of these problems come from the rapid expansion of new or immature technology. Even fairly stable technologies will have flaws revealed simply through massively increased use.

The Zoom video meeting platform is great but a bug has been found recently and the ramifications of it are fairly bad.

An article with details is here:

The bottom line with this, and any tool you are not familiar with, is to NEVER click on any links or download any programs offered to you.

Until you are comfortable with how it works it is best to use an alternate and trusted mechanism for obtaining these things.

It is like Multi-Factor Authentication but for video meetings.

If "it" is really coming from someone you know and trust, then they should be able to send it to you via their email account (for example).

But it isn't just Zoom and you shouldn't stop using it.

The Australian Government "Stay Smart Online" alert service has issued a detailed warning about these types of problems across multiple platforms.

I recommend you sign up for their alert emails if you haven't already.


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