It's email Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it,not as we know it..

As you may imagine, a number of my previous blog posts have been about email...

...but this one is different.

I just read an article about "Hey Email" and for those of you unhappy with how your current email works, then Hey Email may be worth a gander.

The article is quite plain about the fact that Hey Email is differnet and definitely NOT for everyone.

For starters Hey Email is NOT free, but you don't "pay" with your privacy the way you do with other "free" email services like Gmail.

It also doesn't work much like old style email either.

I haven't tried it myself, there's a wating list, but it really looks like Hey Email could seriously cut-down the amount of crap that comes through our inboxes.

Anyway, read the article and sign up for a mailbox if you fancy.


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