It is your choice

I make notes in Google Keep for blog post ideas.

The ideas go there when something happens to me that I think other people could benefit from i.e. to avoid my mistakes or the mistakes of others.

Of late the posts have got a little less IT than normal. We are all in the poo together right now and I figure it doesn't matter what I write. It's mostly for me and if anyone else sees it that's great.

Right now I have some notes about the good things, bad things, good people, bad people, helpful people and the unhelpful people I encountered just trying to get home during a crisis.

I could expand on all those things, and maybe I will later, but right now it mostly occurs to me that we all have one simple choice to make about everything we do.

We can choose to make things better or we can chose to make things worse.

Everyone...EVERYONE... is under a lot of stress.

What you and I do and how we react is entirely up to us AND it is does make a difference.

Please choose "Better".

Thanks, David

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