If it quacks like a duck

Australians lose over $50 million per year to internet and computer related fraud. COVID 19 has given the scammers a new seed of doubt to use to prey on you. Just because something says it relates to COVID 19, and maybe some weird new legislation related to it, that doesn't mean it is true and not a scam of some kind.

In reality the actual scams and techniques used to separate you from your valuables don't change that much.

The scammers just use the things you don't know about a topic against you.

Treat the new communications with the same, if not elevated, level of suspicion that you apply to all other unsolicited communications.

Keep up to date on all scams and threats through these web sites. Subscribe to their alerts (as applicable). Stay Smart Online www.staysmartonline.gov.au ACCC Scam Watch www.scamwatch.gov.au Australian Cyber Security Centre www.cyber.gov.au

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