I have no talent, but...

...I had a bit of fun while on holiday.

Let me explain.

I was the kid who didn't or couldn't stay inside the lines when colouring in.

I was the kid who couldn't draw anything that looked like anything.

I was the kid who, even with technical drawing tools in high school, could not draw a proper corner to save his life.

When I made things out of clay even my Grandmother didn't want them 😂

So it was with some reticence that I decided to partake in the Ceramics afternoon during my Goethe Institute language course in Göttingen.

The course includes a cultural component and the ceramics thing seemed fun but out of my league.

Nevertheless I decided to have a crack. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Upon arrival at the Ceramics "place" I was relieved to find out that all we would really be doing is painting our choice of pre-made ceramics.

Then I realised that meant basically I was colouring in now - DOH!!!

Anyway, I hunted through the myriad of white ceramic options and landed on something familiar. Something I thought I could have a stab at making look OK at least.

Even that was ambitious given my lack of talent.

Anyway, I chose something roughly shaped liked my dog Gretchen. A pepper shaker.

I chose a photo of Gretchen that I could use to copy from.

And went about trying to apply something resembling her colours.

After many layers, do-overs and faffing around I landed here...

It then had to be dipped in a clear glaze and fired.

The people at the shop would do this and I would pick up Keramic Gretchen on Monday after my trip to Marburg.

This is how she turned out.

Still a bit crap but amusing and cute enough.

I am not proud but it was fun. I recommend you give it a go if you get the chance.

She was carefully wrapped up and made it home where she now lives on our bookcase with all our other Berner tat :-)


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