Firefox is Freezing (no irony detected)

Just a quick warning here.

Recently I had need to fully reload my favourite laptop.

Part of that need came down to it locking up during various activities.

When I reloaded it from scratch, as soon as I put the Firefox web browser back onto it, it started freezing again.

To the point where forced powerdowns were the only solution.

Firefox...a web browser with a supposedly very limited remit...made my entire machine unusable!

Googling it revealed that I was far from alone and that this was far from a new thing.

I had experienced issues years ago but Firefox had been fine until recently.

The next bit of fun was that Firefox didn't really seem to want to succeed at uninstalling itself.

So I had to manually kill and remove it on this and another machine.

This is a bit annoying because I had been happy with it up until then.

If you aren't experiencing this then obviously you don't need to remove Firefox.

But I DO suggest you somehow kleep this in mind if things do go weird in the near future.

Have fun, stay warm ;-)


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