Easy Wifi connections for your guests

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

The first thing every visitor wants when they show up is to connect to your Wifi.

You'd think they'd say hello, have a chat or maybe otherwise show some interest is us...but no, "what's the wifi password" is the new "how are you?".

If you are like most people you've no idea what it is or where you've written it down.

If you do find it, chances are that it's been recorded incorrectly (most often upper and lower case have been ignored) and communicating it to your guest turns into a drama.

On top of that, if you have dead fingers and thumbs like me (my iPhone ALWAYS types the letter next to the one I think I am selecting), there's going to be a few tries before there's success.

If we are talking about smart phones, tablets and the like then there's a way you can make this less painful for all involved.

Create yourself a QR code for wifi connection.

I've set them up for our Air BnB guest wifi.

The guest justs points their camera at it and connection is then offered. The password is embedded and hidden within the QR Code.

The article linked below describes the process in full along with some of the traps and security issues to be considered.


If you want to jump straight to it you can generate your Wifi connection QR codes here: https://qifi.org/

As usual, have fun :-)


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