Do you need web graphics, logo design, print design or Linux help?

Some of you will no doubt know my friend Gavin Baskerville.

He's the guy who is responsible for me taking stand-up comedy out of my lounge room and into the wide world <insert your own joke here>.

Gavin feeds comedians to me for FunnieS at Frank's.

As I am sure you can imagine comedy work has dried up now that we can't have audiences.

Fortunately Gavin has many other talents and I am spruiking them here in case you need any of them.

So if, while you are working from home and in isolation, you find that your are in need of help with:

  • Web graphics

  • CMS web site help (Weebly / Wix)

  • Logo design

  • Print design. (Brochures / posters etc) or

  • Linux help for users. (Mint / Ubuntu / KDE)

Then give Gavin a shout via email:

Thanks in advance for supporting my friend's business.


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