So you've broken up with your IT guy

It happens.

But how prepared for it were you?

Did you think through the ramifications?

Did you do it when you owed them money?

Were you angry?

Were words said?

Well, regardless, you should probably change all your passwords, access codes, locks/keys and any security items that they have had access to.

Most of us aren't vindictive but you need to know that if you owe your IT person money, particularly on hardware and web hosting, then you need to know that they have the right to turn off the tap.

If they've been even slightly smart, then they'll be able to take the hardware back and shutdown your web site.

How good will that be for your business?

Most of us IT folk will delete any records we have of your access codes, passwords and so on.

We don't want the hassle and liability of having a finger pointed at us when something goes wrong in the future...because it will go wrong...

...but you should make sure by changing them all yourself.

I am guessing that, because your IT guy had these things in the first place, you probably don't know what they are, where they are for and how to change them.

So resetting them is going to take time. That's going to cost you money or lost business or both.

Your new IT guy is going to need to come up to speed with all the things your old IT person just knew and did for you quickly...because they'd been there before. That's going to cost you time and money.

Now may not be the time to tell you that most business experts advise that a good business records all their procedures and ensures that no one person holds them to ransom (whether that be intentionally or accidentally).

You should look at my other posts about password management and backups... because, if your IT person controlled those too, then maybe you don't have them anymore either.

If you are lucky enough to be reading this before you break-up, then maybe you should weigh up the size of the various points of pain and maybe kiss and make-up.

If it is too late, then there's not much you can do but back-fill as fast as possible.

These things happen, but often they aren't as simple and easy as we'd like.

Who knows, you may even need to talk to your ex again - blech!!

Don't worry. You're beautiful and some other IT person will come along and be better for you than that other chump.

(hugs) David.

* "guy" is being used in a gender neutral sense as has been accepted since the 80s...I think.

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