Computer help banned by Google Ads

Recently, with the effectiveness of my print and other advertising waning, I decided to runs some Google Ad's again.

I created the ad.

This took some time.

I chose my target areas, my wording and my spend very carefully and then submitted it.

It can take 24 hours for an ad to be approved and start running...or otherwise.

I started getting various emails from Google about policies that my ad had breached and links to where to read about it and fix it.

But when I followed the links they appeared to go to an expired location and my ad' appeared to have no issues.

Then, a couple of days later, I received an email saying that my ad' was approved.

Which was weird because I didn't/couldn't change anything about it.

My ad' not appear to be costing me any money i.e. no-one was clicking on it so I emailed Google Ad's support to find out just what the hell was going on.

The simple answer is that computer help businesses, like mine, are simply banned from advertising...globally...on Google. (See image of their reply below).

I get what they are saying. It isn't like I have a choice in the matter.

But doesn't every category of business have "bad actors" and fraudulent people?

It's a bit harsh but maybe they've seen my Hobart City Mission TV ad'?!

Google say there's a verification program coming so that I may be able to advertise in the future. Who knows when?

The cynic in me strongly suspects it will just be a bigger amount of money that I have to spend to advertise.

If they really wanted to verify that I am legit' it isn't that hard for them to do that right now.

I dunno, maybe they should do this thing I do to check if something is legit, you know..."Google it!".

Anyway, I need more work but can't advertise where I want and need to.

If you can spread the word about me, or even offer me more acting work, that would be great.

I'll do my best to ensure my head isn't so much of the screen next time.

Thanks, David

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