Business South - Helping Southern Tasmanian Businesses Start-up & Thrive

For nearly 10 years I have been working with (read: helping/volunteering) Scott Dufty at the KCEC / KHBEC with business events, activities and support in Southern Tasmania.

Within that umbrella there's a new entity called Business South.

Their web site is here so you can read what they are all about for yourself.

However, this post is about the FREE online events they are running to help new businesses and existing businesses in these strange times.

I am running one of those events and the subject is a combined one:

Digital security and backing up for your small business startup

You need to register for all these events through Eventbrite. All details, dates and times are on the Business South and Eventbrite events pages.

I hope to see you there (virtually).


For all the upcoming events I suggest you visit this web site regularly:

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