Awkwardly themed

Many, many, many years ago a friend of mine invited us to a restaurant for a dinner with a group of friends.

This guy was good hearted but his events often missed the mark.

Susan and I went along and this beige nightmare of a restaurant and found it difficult to find anything on the menu that wasn't old fashioned and boring.

As the night progressed and my attention wandered I started noticing pictures on the wall.

I quickly noticed that a lot were of Stevie fact "...wait, all of these are of Stevie Nicks. What the hell is going on?".

Then it dawned on me (not being a Fleetwood Mac fan) that this restaurant, "Rhiannon's", was in fact a Stevie Nicks themed restaurant.

Arrrgggghhhh!! Surely not! But yes.

Our expectations of the food plummeted.

"Just how good can food be based on a Stevie Nicks obsession?"

Needless to say we weren't as much as the disappointment we expected materialised.

What has this got to do with computers you ask?

Well recently I stumbled onto a Spice Girl themed version of Linux.

Well, at least it strongly seems that way. I may be wrong, it seems to be of German origin with umlauts over the last "u" (ü).

Or maybe French looking at the official web site

But again I must ask, how good is a Linux distribution where the focus seems to be on the least popular of the Spice Girls?

NB: I didn't/don't care for any of them. Manufactured (read crap) girl/boy bands are an affront to my soul.

Aside from that, it seems like quite a nice Apple-esque version of Linux.

These various versions of Linux are good ways to give old PCs new life at no cost.

They install as easy as windows from a USB thumb drive so why not give it a go on an old PC you have laying around?

Have fun,


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