Australians lost over $634 million to scams in 2019

I've posted a lot about scams so I won't repeat myself here.

The report points out that the scammers are always finding new ways to defraud Australians.

The report says:

“Some of these scams can last for months, or even years, and can leave victims financially and emotionally devastated.”

The money lost each year just seems to grow and grow.

The scammers are very persistent, annoying and scary.

Even the slightest crack in your armour can let them in.

I know, I battled the Police Diary Scam for months.

They didn't get anything but they didn't give up.

If you can you should go to the Scamwatch web site and get educated on just how these things are done.

If that seems too hard then make sure that you get help and advice on anything that pops up out of the normal.

Don't think that because someone sounds legitimate that they.

Similarly, just because they are persistent DON'T assume they are legitimate.

They're counting on wearing you down so ignore them. Hang up. Block and delete. Never reply.

You can also report scams at the Scamwatch website.

Stay Safe.


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