Are you sick of SHOUTING!!!

The CAPS LOCK key is a throwback to oldie worldy typewriters.

But these days it is pretty much just a pain in the bottom.

I hate it so much that many years ago I found some registry settings for Windows that turn CAPS LOCK into just another SHIFT key.

This one registry setting as worked for me on every version of windows I can remember owning ...even this one, the latest version of Windows 10.

So here you go:

1) The caps_lock_to_shift.reg ZIP file contains a .reg file that makes the necessary registry change to windows to turn CAPS LOCK into SHIFT.

- Download it, extract it freom the zip and then double-click on it.

- Windows will then prompt if you are sure.

- Go ahead if you are.

- You'll need a reboot after doing this before seeing the effect.

Download ZIP • 338B

2) The remove_scancode_mappings.reg ZIP file undoes the setting should you decide you don't like it.

- Make that happen the same way you did for adding the setting...

Download ZIP • 326B

That's it.



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