And the award for most poorly executed SCAM goes to...

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

...Yorkshire Pro Paving.

To be fair, it may not really be them and they may not even exist.

However, this spam/scam email is probably the most useless and ill-considered one I've seen in a long while.

There are a few giveaways that I am not even in the same country as this "business".

I mean, they're a .CO.UK and I am a .COM.AU, but that didn't stop them sending me a fake invoice anyway...or did it?

Because, despite their game being to get me to pay a fake but potentially feasible invoice, they forgot to attach the invoice.

Well done.

I do like the courtesy though, "give us an idea when it will be paid"..."don't hesitate to contact me directly". {No phone number supplied of course}

I was very tempted to reply to this one just for the fun of it, but decided to share it with you instead.

I really do wonder what the spammer's objective was?

Oh well, when comes back online I must get them onto Neil and/or Diane.

Stay safe folks.


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