ALERT: Active scam in Kingborough & Huon regions

Updated: May 20, 2020

Today, 19th of May 2020, a business in Kingston reported that the document shown below was slipped under their door in an envelope.

[Clarification: it was a letter that had come through the regular snail-mail post.]

Googling this reveals it as a common and clear scam:

Similar fake renewals also come through email and target other renewal subscriptions such as Domain Names, web hosting and anything else official the scammers can think of.

The scammers use publicly available information in an attempt to prove they are providing a real service - they aren't.

The links in the emails below and the information redacted on the images below all come from the ASIC web site and the public link to an ABN.

The links are unrelated to the URL where they take you to extract money.

The top of the letter even says it "is not a letter from ASIC", so why would you pay someone, who isn't ASIC, for your ASIC renewal when renewing with ASIC online directly is actually cheaper and less effort?

Avoid at all cost and share this information with your friends in business ASAP.

If in doubt, STOP and ASK SOMEONE for help.

And/or, read some of my many blog posts on scams:

Thanks, David

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