Address your IT risks with Business Tasmania grants of $750

Business Tasmania are offering eligible Tasmanian small businesses a $750 grant for professional advice and assistance.

These grants are available for a number of "Eligible purposes" including "4.2 managing risk".

If you've ever listened to me even a little bit you'll probably know that there are a lot of risks in business around Information Technology (IT, computers etc.).

Cyber Security is a big deal for our Government right now let alone businesses and individuals.

Just some IT risks include:

  • Scams

  • Hacking

  • Viruses

  • Data Loss / Theft

  • Security breaches and exposures

  • Privacy and secure communications

  • Password management and Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Online Banking

  • Hoaxes, Myths and time wasters

  • System Failures

  • Obsolete Systems

  • Poor/Failing Connectivity

  • Untrained and/or malicious Employees

  • Equipment sharing

  • Equipment loss or theft

  • Simple point sensitivity

  • ...and much more.

If you've ever thought these things are too hard to tackle right now OR that your money is better spent elsewhere, then these grants give you an opportunity to address that and be prepared instead of a victim.

Together we'll prioritise your biggest issues, either from this list or others you've identified, and use this opportunity to put it right for you.

The online application process takes about 10 minutes.

$750 a pretty good return for 10 minutes work.

For more details and to submit your grant application click here or go to

If you want or need help with the grant application, you can contact Scott Dufty at the KHBEC.

NOTE 1: Depending on the scale of your risks and just how far you want to go with addressing them, this process could cost more than $750.

NOTE 2: We can stop at $750 and ensure you know how to keep going as time and resources allow. We'll detect this early on as we start to work together on this.

IMPORTANT: You are entirely responisble for your grant application, ensuring you meet the criteria and that the money is spent appropriately. It doesn't have to be spent with me but you do have to obey the rules. I am just pointing you in the right direction.

Good luck and don't delay.

Applications close on Monday 22 February 2021 at 12:00 pm, or when the funding has been fully allocated, whichever occurs first.

Good luck.


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