A great tip for you, a treat for me...

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

No mucking about this time, here's the tip:

You can use your Windows 7 product key to activate a fresh installation of Windows 10 on a PC.


I've done it several times on very old machines that had operating systems like Vista etc.

Of course we don't want to go anywhere near Vista again, so with a bit of extra memory and other refurbishments I often have a crack at seeing how windows 10 goes on a machine.

If it goes OK, I find an old Windows 7 install box or other obsolete product key (such as on the side of another dead PC case) and type it in when the activation process requests it.

Now you may think this sounds a bit sus', but the fact that Microsoft's own activation process allows it means that it is in fact a legitimate activation option i.e. they've had to make the Windows 10 license servers recognize these old codes.

So the treat for me is that, if you don't want to do this or can't be bothered or don't have the skill or just have the old Windows 7 DVD boxes laying around...

...then send them to me.

I can use these to refurbish and activate machines that are going to charities. Otherwise these charities are up for the cost of buying a license...or I am, and I don't have that much money laying around to afford to buy lots of windows licenses for other people.

So please send me your old Windows 7 (and windows 8/8.1) installation boxes and media.

Send to: I Hate My PC

PO Box 25


Tasmania, 7113.


Thanks. David

NOTE: You don't even need to go to Windows 10 to get a free and up-to-date and secure operating system... you will need some skills though:


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