A frugal external DVD drive

These days most computers don't come with CD / DVD / Blue Ray drives.

Everything is delivered via the internet and sometimes USB thumb drive.

But if you are like me, every now and then you'll need to get something off one of those old fashioned shiny disks.

You can buy external drives but the price varies and none will be as cheap as the trick I am about to tell you.

When I recycle laptops I usually keep the DVD player from them.

They usually just slide out quite nicely when on screw is undone on the underside of the laptop. It will pop right out and look something like this...

Unsurprisingly I have a number of these but I guess most people may just have the one or two dead laptops floating around.

Either way, it shouldn't be too hard to scrounge up one of these free of charge.

Once you've got your drive go to eBay and buy one of these USB to CD/DVD adapters...


Mine cost less than $7 Australian delivered.

NOTE: You CAN'T use hard drive adapters. It is a different connection.

Once it arrives, which was quite slow due to COVID shipping delays, you just plug it into your drive and a USB socket on your computer.

That's it.


You know have an external DVD/CD drive :-)

You're welcome.


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