Is your laptop's web cam fuzzy?

I refurbish laptops for charities and more often than you'd think, these machines still have the protective plastic film on them in places.

You know the stuff? It is clear and all over the shiny surfaces to stop them getting scratched during packing and transit.

Sometimes this film is blue in colour to help you see it. Sometimes it is clear and very, very hard to see let alone pick off to remove.

The place I most often find it left behind is on the lens of the web cam.

I have had more than one customer complain to me that their laptop's built in web cam is rubbish only to remove the residual protective film to achieve a great result.

The image below is indicative of where to look for your web cam and the possibility of it still being covered by opaque plastic. The image is actually showing how to block it completely for security reasons, but you get the drift.

I couldn't find an image of exactly what i was talking about.

Who would have thought that finding an image of a tin y transparent bit of plastic on a tiny dot on a laptop would be hard to find ;-)

Happy web caming.


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