Apple's iOS Contacts App is (still) awful

I have been on iPhones for a long time now.

I have dabbled with other devices ...many mobile phone devices...over the years and have kind-of settled on the iPhone being the least painful, not great, but the least painful.

One of the remaining and ongoing issues I have with iOS is how bad the contacts management is.

Considering the point of your mobile phone is to contact people, you'd think Apple...someone...would have worked out that this needs to work properly and not be painful.

But this is I.T. and you can bet some nerd/geek locked in a room somewhere knows how best we should manage our contacts despite not actually having any friends of their own.

The thing that constantly bugs me is adding a new contact on the iPhone.

For years I have battled with the ability to add a new contact and NOT lose half of what I just entered when I (try) to save it.

The worst part is that the "Notes" field, where we are presumably encouraged to store notes about the contact we've just made ...

a) Just doesn't work at the time you are adding a contact. Who knows why? I have to add, save and then edit before I get near being able to put any notes in.

b) Loses what I have entered half the time.

This happened to me yet again just now so I googled "Is there a good 3rd party contacts app for ios that works with google?"

The top result that came up was "The Best Address Book App For iOS Doesn't Exist" - an article on Life Hacker.

That's not the result I was hoping for.

The article goes on to discourage me even further and confirm what I've lived with for years now.

I am surprised that Google don't have a contacts app for iOS. They have an app for Email, Calendar and other stuff that sync's with G-Suite / Gmail.

So my plea is twofold; Apple fix your fricken piece of rubbish contacts app, Google please make a contacts app for iOS because I doubt Apple well ever pull their head out of know...

Maybe my next phone will be a Google Pixel. Maybe that will fix my woes...but I doubt it.

...and Apple have me by the app's and iTunes store purchases (ouch).


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