Helping out the TFS - volunteer firefighters in Tasmania

A couple of weeks back I received a call from the Geeveston TFS.

They had some old PCs that they wanted serviced. I saw my chance to help out these wonderful people...the people who did such an amazing job at protecting the Huon Valley during the terrible bushfires in January.

Check out my wife's blog for more information and posts about the fires:

For those of you thinking the town sounds familiar, it is one of the main locations for the ABC TV series "Rosehaven".

When I met the PCs I knew one of them was a major liability - Windows Vista (need I say more). It had to go. No point "fixing" that one.

Fortunately I anticipated this and had brought along a PC I had refurbished and improved from the parts of several other PCs donated by clients who had upgraded.

So we made this newer, better PC the new master PC and the better of the remaining PCs was given less onerous work and tidied up.

I figured if better tech' could help the volunteers do their job more easily and swiftly then everyone was a winner.

Steven, the chief at Geeveston, thanked me and asked me to send him the bill.

Sorry Steven, no f***in way. This one is on me!

I don't make much money out of this business but there was no way these heroes were going to pay for that work.

Thanks again TFS and volunteer firrefighters everywhere. Legends.

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