The NBN Company probably owes you money

We all know the debacle that is the NBN.

Many of us have been over-promised and under-delivered to with our NBN service.

All the installation and connections dramas aside, the most common complaint is that people simply aren't getting the speeds they are paying for.

The ACCC told the NBN Co. that they had to pay refunds to those people not getting what they'd paid for.

Yet roughly 66% of eligible households have not yet taken up the offer to get their money back.

So if you think you may be one of those people, it would pay to follow the link below and find out for sure...

P.S. and while I am whinging about the NBN (again), what is it with the ever changing nomenclature of the network?

The latest moronic advertising tells us it is called the "NBN access network", expanding the acronym, we are now dealing with something called the "National Broadband Network Access Network".

No wonder no bastard can connect us to it, we are suddenly one extra network away from it. Sheesh!

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