Good work for old laptops

Over the years many of you will have given me your obsolete equipment for the purposes of refurbishment, disposal or recycling.

Some of the happiest and best results I've got from this process can be seen in the pictures below.

These laptops have found their way to a new school which has been built with help from volunteers from Australia.

Some of the laptops shown came from my customers.

The co-ordination of the project was through my customer Frank Bonham. I just refurbished and supplied a subset of the laptops shown below.

The machines these people receive are often quite different to what has been donated.

Usually I need to strip down a couple of machines to make one "good" one.

I add memory from my stockpile of old chips, change out the hard disk, securely erase the hard disk, check batteries and power supplies, and re-install the/an operating system. Free programs such as Open Office, anti-virus and other miscellaneous tools are added.

These machines are often still not great, but they are working and they are still much better than nothing.

I've had laptops go all over the world to arrive with some amazing people.

Laptops have gone to Uganda where they are charged in the city and brought home to the village so people can run their micro-businesses from them.

Laptops have gone to a home for troubled youth in NSW.

Laptops have gone to very local recipients too. Prior to the Vietnamese deliveries, asylum seekers in Hobart have received laptops this way.

Desktop computers and other more bulky equipment has been refurbished too and given to various local not-for-profits and worthy recipients.

As you can imagine many people are very reluctant to have their photo taken. But when I do manage to get a photo or two from the grateful recipients it makes me feel pretty good.

You should too :-) Thanks for helping.


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