Just how stupid does the NBN Co. think we are?

Well, this stupid...

"NBN Co plans wireless revamp, download speeds of up to 75Mbps on the agenda"

...and they expect us to believe it.

The article from Computer World starts with the bold and exciting claim but within a paragraph or two a bunch of numbers have shrunk and caveats applied.

It really gets my goat that the NBN Co. is trotting out more promises on the back of endless already broken promises.

Instead of cranking up the PR machine and lying to us some more, I am sure most of us would be over the moon if they just quietly did what they'd already sold us.

As I read this bullshit from the NBN Co. I've just visited a couple of customers today with NBN issues.

One is on to about their 3rd or 4th visit with basic services, such as a working telephone, still proving elusive.

Another, a business, has been without anything for 2 weeks now.

Many others are beyond angry, frustrated and simply not getting what they paid for or what they expected.

In all the time I've been dealing with NBN victims...I mean customers, I've only once tested a connection speed and been surprised, read impressed, with the results.

Mostly it is "yeah, that's what I expected #sadface ...pretty sure it isn't what you expected thought, right?"

The fact is that the speeds mentioned by this latest press release from the NBN Co. are meaningless to the average customer.

It is like the water authority telling you that suddenly you get 200 mega-litres of water this year instead of the 50 you used to get. You can only use so much water because your pipes are the same size they've always been..

My wife and I live and work off roughly 20% of those promised speeds and we do everything we want perfectly well.

My wife is a remote worker. She works on a VPN, video conferences, emails, browses the web etc. etc.

I run several computers concurrently and often add customer computers, XBOX and video streaming to the equation. Netflix, iView etc. all run fine while everything else is going on.

While I have an idea who the NBN Co. is trying to impress with these speed promises, I'd much rather they shut up and actually just delivered on the 15 to 24Mbps or so that most people are paying for but NOT receiving.

One day faster would be nice, but right now. Just make it f***ing work as promised.

David Moore


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