ALERT/URGENT: Turn off your Microsoft Onedrive now...

Sorry to ruin Friday afternoon drinks, but you need to read this NOW!!!

Today I visited a client who had received a $3500 bill from Telstra for excess data use.

Something on the computer was uploading/downloading 1GB every 20 minutes.

NOTE: Screen shot from other victims on the web.

The Telstra bill showed an automatic top up every 20 minutes for the price of $10.

Firstly, Telstra, this sucks. Surely (read I know) they can detect erroneous data use and contact their customer or put a block on the service instead of just billing them stupid ruining amounts.

While OneDrive, from Microsoft is the culprit, Telstra should easily detect such anomalies for their customers.

Credit card companies do when it is your money being spent strangely. This IS much easier to detect and fix.

Anyway, I'll go into more detail later (in another post) but for now, trust me, Turn Off or uninstall OneDrive on your computer ASAP (especially if you use mobile data).

If you NEED OneDrive, then check the settings you have for it that allow you to control how much data it can send and receive.


2) At this web site you see lots of ways to limit bandwidth. You should set mobile Wifi you connect to as Metered.

3) The URL at point also shows you how to limit the amount of data any app/program uses. Do THAT for OneDrive.

4) Do the procedure to limit / change how updates are delivered.

5) Look over this for things you may want to set / change:

That probably won't stop excess data usage but it will slow it down.

So for my money, remove OneDrive or set it so that it doesn't "Start with windows".


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