Don't update to Windows 10 Version 1809 October Release

I know it is November and I know Microsoft has re-released/enabled this update with the major bugs fixed.

HOWEVER, in the last 2 days I've had 2 machines with BSODs (Blue Screens Of Death) as a result of the update.

I have been unable to do anything to repair these machines other than perform a reset to the factory delivered version of the operating system.

Controlling updates on Windows 10 is difficult and it has changed a fair bit during the life of the product.

You may not easily find how to stop from just being forced onto 1809...much the way you probably were forced into windows 10 in the first place.

However, help is at hand. drastic help, but help nonetheless. have a free windows update blocking tool. Download it from here:

You'll need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the grey DOWNLOAD button.

It allows you to turn enable and disable the update service for most versions of Windows, including 10 obviously.

When you hear that Windows updates are OK to collect again, then turn the service back on using this tool :-)

IMPORTANT: You will get warnings from windows that there is a problem and that the service / updates are turned off. That's obviously OK. You just need to ride out the pestering.


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