Getting Nanna back

I am sure I've written about this a couple of times already but I can't find the articles anymore, so here I go again.

A while back I was given a photo from my wife's mother.

It was a picture of their "Nanna". I am not sure of the lineage. It doesn't matter for this article though.

This photo...

It is the only photo they have of Nanna but they have some considerable "dislike" for the other woman in the photo - the woman on the left.

I was asked if I could do anything about this. They just wanted a photo of Nanna - on the right.

Now I am no Photoshop jockey. I do the basics and move on, but I was fairly proud of how fast and how good the results were from just applying a few simple tricks in a simple photo editor - Paint.NET Free.

Firstly I squared up the image and cropped it so that Nanna was the focus...

Then I gave Nanna back her right arm and tweaked the colours.

Luckily for me her dress pattern was easy to flip and paste. So I took a copy of her left arm and shoulder and flipped it over top her right side.

I also painted with the mouse, around her head and shoulders, to remove the background and shadowing...

This arm duplication and painting helped to rid the photo of the other woman.

Next I fixed the background. Lucky me, I had the choice of two horrible wallpapers that conveniently (ahem) joined down the middle of Nanna's head.

I picked the least objectionable and largest chunk of wallpaper to create a new, even background image.

I also cropped things a bit more tightly because, less horrible wallpaper the better.

So here's Nanna. All done and all on her own. :-)

Fairly quick and easy. All done in about 10 minutes I'd say.

I am sure a better job could be done by a professional, but this result made everyone happy so I think that is OK too.


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